How to book a Little Star Party? Call 215-579-2925, email, or complete the Request Info form. You can email us any questions you have. Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. Once we receive your deposit and signed contract your party is confirmed.

How many children may attend? Most of our party packages are based on 8 children. An extra charge is applied for additional guests.

What about no-shows? The party package cost is based upon your final confirmation count.

May parents and siblings attend? The birthday child parent or guardian must be in attendance at all times. Siblings may stay with proper parental guidance. The party package/activities cover planned guests only.

What ages are appropriate? Starting at 1 year and up. Most of our themes are perfect for ages 3-12. However, some themes are FUN for all!

What party time is best? You decide the time of your party. Suggested times are after 10 am on Saturdays and after 11 on Sundays. For Friday or Saturday sleepovers, after 5 pm. We also plan weekday parties!

What time should guests arrive? Guests should arrive at the time designated on the invitation.

How long do parties last? Parties are scheduled for 30 minutes to two and a half hours. Your hostess will arrive between 10-30 minutes early to set up. After our scheduled events your hostess will begin clean-up, this is a good time to cut the cake and/or open presents.

What happens on Party Day? We will arrive and present an invoice for final payment. We will then set-up and await guests. At the starting time, we begin with a craft station and face-painting/beauty session. Then we proceed to dress-up and games. Tea-time follows, if you added this portion. Storytime completes our party event. Activities are subject to change based on timing and number of guests.

What about late guests? Our events are based on a schedule of activities, guests arriving late may join the party activity that is taking place.

What do I need to provide? A location such as your home, a club house, etc. Plenty of floor space is needed for dress-up supplies. Areas are needed for changing, beauty session, games and crafts, an electrical outlet is also needed. For tea parties, a dining area. Parking close to your home/location for loading and un-loading of supplies.

Can I have the party outside? Children are not permitted on wet grass, dirt, or muddy areas while in costume. In hot and sunny weather you must provide a shaded area for the entertainers and children. Be sure to have a back-up plan incase of bad weather.

What should the children wear? For dress-up parties, children should wear a leotard or swimsuit under their clothing for easier costume change. Please note we do not provide shoes as part of our costumes.

Do you have other themes? We can assist you with almost any theme idea.

Do you apply make-up? Yes, in a child-like manner. For face-painting we use products that are non-toxic and FDA approved.

Can I serve food to the children? Yes you may add food to our tea parties and serve cake/cupcakes. We ask that you not serve doritoes/any type of orange snack.

What form of payment is accepted? We accept cash, check, money order and credit card payments through Paypal for the initial deposit. There is a $25 fee on returned checks. A 50% deposit is required to hold your party date, deposits are non-refundable. The remaining party balance must be paid via credit card prior to the party or by cash when the invoice is presented.

Is tipping appropriate? A gratuity is not included, however very much appreciated.

What if I need to cancel? There are no refunds for cancellations however, we will gladly choose an alternate date for your party.

Do you travel outside of Bucks County PA? Depending upon the date and distance we will consider parties outside of our area. We serve Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County Pennsylvania and Mercer County and Burlington County New Jersey. We have traveled to other NJ counties and Delaware. Additional travel charges may be applicable.

Can we book a party date on a major holiday? Party dates are booked based upon availability. Holiday parties are billed an additional $200.

Liability for damages? Little Star Party Company assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages caused during your party. Our hostesses will treat your home with the utmost of professional services.

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